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How our thoughts and feelings can impact our behavioural choices and the life we have to live…


In 2008, Kelly was in a car crash that killed her husband and took the father of 3 young children away from them. Driving north one day, coming towards them in the opposite direction was a HGV driver.

Due to various factors impacting his thoughts, feelings and his Mental Health, he was driving erratically. He was about to change many lives forever when he decided to pull out when he couldn’t see what was coming.

Thoughts led to Feelings which then lead to Actions


The head on impact was immediate, the father being killed instantly and Kelly suffering a broken neck and multiple serious injuries. Left with her own severe injuries, suffering from PTSD and having to raise 3 children – this is Kelly’s story of asking herself – Am I Enough..?

Our passion? The truth here is that the HGV driver could have easily been me or you… we’ve ALL been lost in an emotional unhelpful reality because we all have heads and hearts…

In 2021 more than ever, we are being impacted by how we think, feel and how we turn up at work and at home.

BUT – we can be supported to be more aware and in control of our thoughts and feelings, helping us to be a happier and better version of ourselves more of the time.

This interactive session supports employees performance by covering:

  • You create happier and higher performing employees when they are more in control of their thoughts and feelings

  • The understanding of how that driver’s ‘choice’ was an output of thoughts and feelings

  • How and why we make realities up and how we can create more helpful realities

  • How we can let emotion dictate our behaviours, and how to generate positive emotion

  • How we can all be ‘lost in the moment’ and how to proactively reduce this feeling

  • Tools to help your people be more in control of their thoughts and feelings producing calmer and more logical outputs – a happier version of supported employees

  • How Mental Health impacts us ALL and how we can take care of our own Mental Health in some easy to apply steps

Delivering the sessions:

Kelly Durham is a mother and a grandmother. Her authentic and deeply moving personal story helps clients to empathically help and support each other to be the best them.

Using ‘talking therapies’ and story telling to enhance the overall performance of the organisation, the learning empowers each attendee to optimise their own performance.

Kelly is an in demand public speaker as well as being in various newspapers and a guest on multiple radio shows.

Operations Director, Taylor Wimpey PLC center

“What a positive impact! From the large scale online sessions to the recent face to face sessions for site based staff, you supported us and delivered immediate value to all our people. Thank you.”

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