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How to use The Coaching Qube™ and The Huddle Board™

We can all get emotional.

We may be stressed at different times!

We may be scared.

We may or may not be getting the working from home balance ‘correct’ – whatever that means!

Creating High Performing Teams (and families!)

The Coaching Qube and Huddle Board are two of our tools that are used all over the world to help people connect on a deeper level. In the workplace, family life, or just for you own personal mental health care. By being more in tune with your thoughts and feelings, and being open to listening and creating space for others, you empower yourself to be a better version of you, more of the time.

Coaching Qube

Use the Coaching Qube as a nudge, on your desk, in the office, or at the dining table! Create some space just to check in with the people around you. Offer how you feel, but also create space to listen to others. Reflect on the 4 behaviours to see if you can ‘do them’ better, and this goes for others as well.

The Four Behaviours


If we feel something but then don’t say it, it still drives our behaviour! That emotion is still there! High performing teams have the psychological safety to be truthful with each other. This means that all emotions are presented, which means we understand exactly what our thoughts are, resulting in getting more right, first time. We help others to learn how to control what their minds are telling them and how to offer what they are feeling in a way that benefits everyone.


Too many times when presented with information, we as humans can react emotionally rather than listen. If we stop listening, we fail to really hear what the other person is saying, which is not conducive to a high performing team. The skill to listen, if harnessed correctly, can again allow us to get more right, first time.


Too often now over performance has become the expected norm. What was classed as an excellent job is now expected of you, and you may or may not get some minimal recognition. However, if a slight under performance has been detected hours, days and even weeks maybe spent on ‘fixing’ you… this time spent on positive to negative reinforcement can be totally disproportionate. By giving genuine recognition (for the heart and soul) not always just reward (for the wallet) you create a workforce who want to go again, and feel happy and inspired to give more.


It’s easy to get caught up in the next thing, pressure to move on, to run when walking would be better. But standing still, and looking for the right way to move first, before you start walking, is an essential part of making sure you go in the right way! Creating spaces to reflect, understanding how to explore what went well, not so well, and how you can put this new knowledge into use in the future is a critical area in ensuring future success. We focus on reflection time as this allows to appreciate the NOW, to understand more fully the PAST which enables a more effective FUTURE to be developed. It’s also a great space to #KunektMORE with each other, and for the humanistic side of your people to be developed!

‘Fact or Fiction’ ladder

How far away are your thoughts from facts to fiction? How far up your ‘ladder’ are you? By being aware that we ALL have a ladder, that we can run up any time, this creates and awareness to pause and check where we are. What stories are you telling yourself that may be emotional rather than factual?


Just like a ladder, we ALL have a ‘Hulk’ inside us! And when the hulk appears, it is rarely good for us or the people around us! By becoming aware of our stories that we play out in our heads, and the ladder that we can run up, we are more likely to have more control of our thoughts. This then reduces the amount of times our ‘Hulk’ appears, or at least reduces the strength and duration when it does appear! Point out when someones Hulk is building in a helpful way, and I am sure they will do the same for you!

Huddle Board

Our Huddle Boards can be viewed all over the world in meeting rooms, canteens, factory floors – anywhere people come together. By putting this in a prominent place where it can be seen, it again acts as a nudge and as a coach to help people control their thoughts and feelings. Feel free to print this off, put in on your fridge or anywhere that you choose to do if you would like to carry out some playful experiments.