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We Are

We are a varied and experienced group, who depending on your bespoke needs and our individual skill sets, will form a project team to truly deliver on your specific objectives. 


Professor Patrick Tissington


An Occupational Psychologist for 20 years, Pat’s interest is in helping people to lead more productive and happier lives. With a practical outlook built on a firm evidence base, his experience is in developing leaders and creating real teams. Pat’s day job is as a senior academic at the University of Warwick where he leads on all employability policy and practice across the institution. He has acted as a consultant to organisations such as Shell, HSBC and HM Treasury.

These questions drive him:
How is it that so many people don’t do the best job they can?
Why do managers not lead and leaders not manage?
Surely work can be both a good experience and productive?

He is completely practical but always works from the best quality peer-reviewed evidence available. Pat’s view is that engaging with him must lead to better outcomes for the business AND a more rewarding work life. These two concepts should be the same – a more effective team ought to be happier.

Clients might be looking for increased productivity, better safety, lower staff turnover or perhaps a change in culture. He will question, seek to understand and reflect. Interventions will be co-created, innovative and effective. Throughout every project he challenges, supports and encourages.

Previously he has been Head of the Organizational Psychology Department at Birkbeck, University of London and led business partnerships at Aston University. For five years he was Programme Director of the Royal College of Physicians MSc Medical Leadership. His other experience includes military service and senior roles in business.       


Kelly Durham

Keynote Speaker

Kelly Durham is a mother and a grandmother. Her authentic and deeply moving personal story helps clients to empathically help and support each other to be the best them.

Using ‘talking therapies’ and storytelling to enhance the overall performance of the organisation, the learning empowers each attendee to optimise their own performance.

Kelly is an in-demand public speaker as well as featuring in various newspapers and being a guest on multiple radio shows.

Her passions are being a mum to five kids, a nana to four and empowering other women through her own journey and fitness / mental blog posts about WHAT IF YOU CAN!


Bruce Durham


The unorthodox member of the team who loves to stretch and challenge ‘norms’ and experiment with new ‘things’, Bruce has an unrivalled passion for enabling people to be more in control of their thoughts and feelings so that they feel happier and are a higher performing version of themselves.

An award-winning ‘playful yet very detailed’ approach to performance and people engagement has seen Bruce work across the globe, learning from all the different cultures he has been lucky enough to work alongside.

With extensive experience around performance, body language and communication studies, Bruce has also appeared on ITV News, Sky TV and various radio shows and newspapers raising awareness of how mental health is directly linked to a high performing team. He has over 260,000 subscribers across all platforms and more than 16 million views of his videos.

With a background in psychology that began in 1998 and a MA in coaching, and another one in people management, Bruce has helped some of the UK’s largest employers across multiple verticals to get the best out of their employees.

Bruce is also a Chartered Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. With over 2000 hours of team and individual coaching experience, Bruce brings the benefit of being a successful consultant as well as working in-house for a large corporate organisation. His last role was lead safety and performance coach for a major renewable company across the region of Northern Europe and the Middle East (onshore and offshore).

Bruce has a deep conviction that higher performing people and teams, as well as safer and better behaviours come from what he calls ‘stage 1’, the ability to be aware of your thoughts. Your thoughts drive feelings which then drive behaviours. Think, Feel and then ACT.

His mantra is ‘People don’t remember what you say, but they sure do remember how it made them feel…this includes how you speak to yourself…’

Cara Wilburn 

Client Relationship Manager

As Client Experience Manager, Cara is involved in many aspects of the business with her main goal being to improve our clients’ journey and ensure that our processes run smoothly.

Her experience in various marketing and client support roles has helped her to develop a great understanding of a wide range of clients and their needs.

Cara is passionate about helping others and her varied roles have enabled her to achieve this.

Outside of the office Cara enjoys spending quality time with her two children, playing tennis at her local club and, more recently, in a bid to improve her health and wellbeing, she has started to write.


Dr Jason Woodruff

Vast experience with multi-nationals

Jason is rightly recognised as someone who, through his grasp of understanding what’s important and what’s not, can help people to see the key simple issues in a world full of irrelevant detail and unhelpful emotions.

He can take complex subjects where people are drowning in facts and figures and raise their heads in order to allow them to breath and then to nudge them so they can head in the correct direction. Jason’s background is varied and distinguished. He worked over a substantial period of time as an interim manager with leading multi-nationals such as BP, Nestle and Kier and including spells as Head of HSEQ for Northumbrian Water and HBS.

An excellent disruptor, Jason’s skills and characteristics make him an invaluable member of any team wanting to become more effective at what they do.