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Diageo, Krones and John Sisk Builders – Manufacturing, Beverage and Construction Sectors


Raising awareness skills and developing on-site trust.


Guinness Brewery Extension

We were engaged by Diageo and John Sisk builders to deliver a project site engagement session at the iconic Guinness Factory in Dublin.

The purpose was to enable employees to become more aware of their environment (sometimes the focus is on DO IT rather than showing them HOW to do it) and then developing trust and motivation to promote real-time feedback where improvements could be made.

This was delivered over one hour and the feedback three months after this engagement was that the employees were still using the simple language and tools that we offered to support their efforts on site. Add to this that the management had revisited the topic as agreed, and the outputs were highly positive. Structure is key.

‘Back To Work’ Heads and Hearts – Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy Sector


Expediting the ‘Return To Work’ phase to increase PERFORMANCE. To bring all parts of the business back together as ONE TEAM. 


Return To Work – Human Performance Optimization.  

Creating better stories has never been so important – through supportive leadership that empowers employees to get more right, first time and by educating the workforce around our core Human Performance reliability pillars – THINK, FEEL and ACT.

If you help people to become more in control of their thoughts and feelings, this enhances performance EVERYWHERE.  

Balfour Beatty and Arquiva – Power Transmission and Distribution Sector


Improving team communication skills


Wenvoe Emergency Assessment Exercise

Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions – one of the UK’s leading utility solutions providers, commissioned our team to design and implement an evaluation of their rescue procedures in a ‘live’ situation in order to enhance the communication skills of their staff.

The main objectives included testing the quality of emergency procedures and the evaluation of job roles on site, from maintenance staff to project managers, as well as observing how all of these differing job roles connected in an intensive situation.

We designed a full evaluation programme by analysing the current training methods, work permits and method statements. Professional actors were used for the first aid situations and a film crew were present to capture the events of this bespoke package for further performance enhancement.