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“The enhanced performance, right across our organization, that came through empowering our people to be the best them…it just connected with everyone in their own way. Productivity, safety, quality and employee care, this all improved through Think Feel Act! ”

Operations Director, Siemens

We help to empower people to get more right, first time!

  • Increased performance across the full organization
  • Decreased accidents, stress and anxiety
  • Happier and more connected employees
  • Enhanced wellbeing and staff retention

Why does the programme work so well? It’s because everyone can see themselves in it, including YOU!

When things go wrong, at the individual level, or the organisational level, it’s generally from:

It’s a fact that everything that everyone does in your organisation is an output of human behaviour. Accept this, and this will enhance your organisations performance.

Think about you here…

Have you ever been angry? Made anything up? Jumped to the worst scenario? Not listened fully?

Chances are, if you have a head and a heart the answer is probably yes. And probably, more than you may like to admit.

At the core of this, this just proves that you are human. We all can be triggered, become reactive and ultimately be in a state that is not conducive to being the best us.

But if you get to learn what makes you tick, what triggers you, how to handle these feelings better and how to notice and help others, then this is where Human Performance really starts to increase!

  • Get more right through being more accurate
  • Less stressed so enhanced logical capabilities
  • More open to conversations thus connecting better with others
  • More ‘Active Sweet Spot Time’ due to being more in control of your thoughts and feelings

Some of our previous clients include:

The Think Feel Act delivery model explained

Think Feel Act is a structured employee performance enhancement and engagement programme. It empowers leaders and employees, through development and accountability, to be the highest performing and happiest version of themselves, in every aspect of their job, across the full organization, by optimizing how they think, feel and then act. This is the foundation of all human performance.

We empower a selection of your employees, specifically selected for their characteristics and position within the company, to maximise your organisations performance with our specific enhancing ‘micro-nudges’.

These simple to deliver yet powerful nudges cover areas such as positive psychology, emotional intelligence, performance psychology, team enhancement and more. By using a structured approach, and one where we support and also hold people to account for delivery, this is where we see organizations maximising their performance levels right across the business.

Micro-nudge Delivery

The Coaching Cube History

We conducted an ‘appreciative inquiry’ project over many years with large blue chips across multiple sectors, to try and understand why projects went well. Not why things failed to try and stop them from reoccurring but to identify what people were doing when things went brilliantly. These four human behaviours and skill sets were present in higher performing and happier teams.

The Coaching Cube is the tool that we use to expedite people optimizing their own performance and happiness potential.

Every single organization that we work agrees that if you get better at these behaviours, everything improves.

The Four Behaviours


If we feel something but then don’t say it, it still drives our behaviour! That emotion is still there! High performing teams have the psychological safety to be truthful with each other. This means that all emotions are presented, which means we understand exactly what our thoughts are, resulting in getting more right, first time. We help others to learn how to control what their minds are telling them and how to offer what they are feeling in a way that benefits everyone.


Too many times when presented with information, we as humans can react emotionally rather than listen. If we stop listening, we fail to really hear what the other person is saying, which is not conducive to a high performing team. The skill to listen, if harnessed correctly, can again allow us to get more right, first time.


Too often now overperformance has become the expected norm. What was classed as an excellent job is now expected of you, and you may or may not get some minimal recognition. However, if a slight underperformance has been detected hours, days and even weeks may be spent on ‘fixing’ you… this time spent on positive to negative reinforcement can be totally disproportionate. By giving genuine recognition (for the heart and soul) not always just reward (for the wallet) you create a workforce who want to go again, and feel happy and inspired to give more.


It’s easy to get caught up in the next thing, pressure to move on, to run when walking would be better. But standing still, and looking for the right way to move first before you start walking, is an essential part of making sure you go the right way! Creating spaces to reflect, understanding how to explore what went well, not so well, and how you can put this new knowledge into use in the future is a critical area in ensuring future success. We focus on reflection time as this allows to appreciate the NOW, to understand more fully the PAST which enables a more effective FUTURE to be developed. It’s also a great space to #KunektMORE with each other, and for the humanistic side of your people to be developed!

We maximise business performance by empowering happier people to get more right, first time! 

  • Increased performance across the full organisation
  • Happier and more connected employees
  • Decreased accidents, stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced wellbeing and staff retention

Think Feel Act is a structured and modular employee performance enhancement and engagement programme (model shown below) empowering leaders and employees to be the highest performing and happiest version of themselves, in every aspect of their job, across the full organization, by optimizing how they think, feel  and then act, the foundation of all human performance.

We work with a purposefully selected group of your employees (selected based on certain characteristics and current position within the organisation)  who will then deliver ‘non time invasive’ nudges (less than 5 minutes per week) to identified teams across the business. By delivering small amounts of engagement (we call them micro-nudges) across a structured period of time, this is where you will see the huge positive impact on your organisation.

We train and develop the selected individuals across the full programme at agreed times, that allows us to get the most from the programme by motivating and holding them to account for their efforts.

If you are looking to maximize your employee’s performance AND happiness levels, in every aspect of their role, so they ultimately get more right first time, empowering them to enhance how they can think, feel and act should definitely be in your plans.

Whether you want increased performance, enhanced production, a step change in safety, or a happier and more connected workforce, or all of the above,  think feel act truly is the foundation of all human performance.  Help people to be more in control of their heads and hearts, and everything else improves.

The Think Feel Act programme explained!

An example from one of our oil and gas clients. They are currently utilizing our Think Feel Act employee performance enhancement and engagement programme to help maximise overall business performance as well as strengthen their safety culture.

“When you hear the programme language ‘nudges’ naturally popping up in every day conversation, and see the enhanced performance, you know you have invested in the right training!”

Operations Director

The Think Feel Act programme explained! An example from one of our Oil and Gas clients. They are utilizing our programme right now to help build an enhanced performance and safety culture based on transparency and collaboration through the ability to optimize how we #Think #Feel and then #ACT.

Success is achieved when LEADERS are IN the programme, being accountable for success, driving the change, NOT standing by and hoping that someone else builds the bridges for others to cross…

What we have found

…is when a ‘leader’ creates the correct environment and sets out clear requests with supporting language and behaviour that is repeated so people learn to trust that this is ‘the right way” then that becomes their normal too. They join in, they want to feel part of the team, and they further enhance the desired performance environment by their actions.

If the ‘leaders’ within the organisation create the environment for better thinking and collaboration to occur, you get happy people getting more right, first time. EVERYWHERE. 

  • The leader organically connects with their team, creating the desired state.
  • The leader does this by providing the needed psychological safety to the team so they trust the leaders ambitions, and carry out what is needed, it is an all empowering model.
  • The leadership engagement delivery model is robust and is agreed at the very start of the programme.
  • There are mandatory touch points throughout the year so that the investment made returns on its potential.

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